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2007-09-08 08:43:50 by Encratis

I've started working on a new Flash animation. It's called simply, "War". It's just going to be about how the Earth has been ravaged by constant war. Featuring many battle scenes etc. It will be better than my other submissions since I'm going to take my time on this one. Things are now going to be shadowed! There will be more shiny things too!
Hopefully it won't take very long to make, although I'm not expecting it by the end of September because I'm really busy at school.

Check out the shiny Earth in the opening scene!


Mixed Reviews

2007-08-11 10:24:26 by Encratis

Well, I finished the collab with xstream, but not everyone liked it. In fact not everyone hated it either. Of course you get the idiots who think it's funny to write words of discouragement, but all in all it seemed to be that you either liked it or you hated it, or in some cases just ok with it's existence. What seemed to hurt it the most was the sketches took too long and they didn't explain the situation enough to make them funnier, or funny in the first place.
In the words of Dazmi, "Everything was fine, all it needed was shorter clips. It wasn't my kind of humor but it's the first episode! I'm sure with practice you'll make something good"
I'm going to make more episodes, In fact someone actually requested that I do so. Hopefully next time I won't disappoint as many people.

Canceled and Scheduled

2007-08-08 20:17:11 by Encratis

Well, I've canceled the Live Action Fight Flash, but a friend of mine are getting set for a new flash. If done correctly it should resemble Robot Chicken. I don't know when it will be done, he and I are working on the script... well it's mostly him but since I'll be animating it all I have the authority to override his choices for the most part.
I've got a new User image and Icon and they look good as far as I can tell. Hopefully I can get back into the Forums alright after my 2 week absence.

First Post

2007-07-18 17:33:14 by Encratis

Hello, two people who will visit my page!

I have my one animation up in the Portal and I'm happy about that. It took me roughly 3 days to complete so I guess that's 3 days well spent.
I've begun working on a Live Action/Animated Fight movie that will hopefully be done before I go to England for vacation. However those chances are extremely small.
I'm going to be uploading some of my songs to the Audio portal sooner or later so be sure to download them when they become available.
Unfortunately my "Emo Hitler" wasn't an internet phenomenon but it does exist on the Art Forum. I like it however so I'm going to display it once again here.
Have a good Summer!

First Post