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2007-11-02 19:08:33 by Encratis

Turns out "War" wasn't meant to be made. So, I have a bunch of new projects that are either in the planning stages or are being made right now. Hopefully these projects won't turn out like "War".
First, the project that will be released first is going to be a compilation of my first flash movies. My first flash movie was "Bally the Samurai" (Bally being pronounced "BALL-E") and it was made frame-by-frame in 2005. There will be 5 featured animations and special features.
My second Project will be about the "Space Race". Basically it will be information about the American spacecraft up to Apollo. Animated launch sequences, and comparisons of the rockets will be included. You can see the finished Saturn V below.
Last is going to be some kind of Sci-fi themed movie. I don't know what it will be about yet!

Hopefully all of these will be finished soon-ish.

--Josh (Encratis)

New Projects


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