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Eddsworld Competition!!!

2008-07-06 12:36:29 by Encratis

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I've sent in my animation for the Eddsworld competition, still have like 19 days till the competition is over but I wanted to crank it out and show it to YouTube. I was gonna submit it here but i figured it's for the competition so it should stay where the competition is, which is on YouTube. Good Luck Everyone! Hi Edd!

Eddsworld Competition!!!


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2008-07-06 12:54:55

I'm making a clip too :D


2008-07-06 12:55:58

Was it really necessary to make a news post about this?
Yeah, I guess, but anyway, nice flash =)


2008-07-06 13:12:44

Chocolate covered raisins are da shiznit.


2008-07-06 14:38:08



2008-07-06 15:02:57

^ Quality comment.


2008-07-06 16:31:58

Why were the credits 33% of the movie?

Encratis responds:

yes haha


2008-07-08 18:18:17

You could have just submitted it because it's still going to be on YouTube no matter what. (Unless you delete it of course). If I were to review this like a Newgrounds submission, I'm afraid I would have given it a 4 due to being bored throughout the whole thing. It might be a lack of interest, but that's the plain truth. But seriously, you got to submit something to Newgrounds. And I've noticed that tommorow makes one year since you signed up as Encratis. Wow time flies right?

Encratis responds:

Holy crap you're right, I should do something... lol